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 Katyayni offer full range of services to build, grow, and manage your business on the Internet. We have recognized the need of building sustainable e businesses. Our comprehensive Internet marketing services ensures that the sites we build generate significant revenues for our clients and provide a return on investment in as short a timescale as 3 months.

SEO: Our Promotion package submits your site to high-quality directories, search engines, yellow pages, new announcement sites, and other general submission sites. SEO Promotion is a quick, yet comprehensive way to announce and list your site.

E-mail Marketing:  When it comes to 'permission marketing', like their direct marketing counterparts, most 'opt in' providers offer demographic, psychographic and geographic targeting. Accordingly, permission marketing continues to be an effective method for lead generation and follow-up, as you can reach your audience through extremely targeted mail broadcasts.

Link Building Campaigns: Reciprocal link building - a sustained campaign over a period of a few months that also pays off in terms of enhanced search engine performance. The more inbound links a company establishes on other sites, the more qualified visitors the site attracts. We can carry out a customized link-building campaign to get your site on the radar.

Project: SEO for New Website

URL: http://www.domainname.com

    Proposed Activities/deliverables & Time Duration for SEO/Internet Marketing 




Phase-I: Website Analysis & Meta-tag Investigation:

§         Analysis of the website content, structure/navigation.

§         Meta tags writing that will include Title, Description, keyword, primary keywords.

§         Study website of major, their keywords used and meta-tags etc.

§         To develop highly targeted and highly trafficked key words within the industry.

§         On page optimization of the internal pages.

§         Creation of static pages as required and editing of existing pages as per Search Engine rules

§         Creation of static pages for all the domains booked (key-word domains) based on the contents provided by you and promoting these website with the aim of directing traffic inflow to the mail url.

§         Creation of blog and regularly updating them

Duration Involved: 20 days + 20 days for the last two of the above activities


Phase-II: Website Submission:

§         Submission of the website in various search engines

§         Submission of the website in various search directories, industry related, according to page rank, regional directories, authority directories and international directories

§         Articles posting to various article directories

§         Posting in free classified sites

§         Posting in guest books

§         Posting to social book marking site

§         Posting coments and blog

§         Link Exchange Campaign with other websites in the same and related industry.

§         Link Building Campaign with other prominent and well-visited websites.

§         Rss Feeds Creation and submission in various Rss related websites

§         Submission in various Social Book Marking Sites

§         Submission of Press Release

Duration Involved: 2 months


Phase-III: Newsletter Marketing:

§         Creation of news letters

§         Periodical publishing online of news letter highlighting the service that you sell to promote subscription of our services

§         Email marketing

Duration Involved: 1 week


Phase-IV: Website Tracking & Re-submission:

§         Website is tracked in all the search engines where website is submitted.

§         Ranking report, verifying that your site is correctly listed in the top search engines and directories.

§         A Monthly ranking report will be sent that would include corresponding rankings in google and yahoo

§         Re-submission of websites if required

§         Meta-tag up-gradation.

§         Repetition of all the Activities in Phase-I

Duration Involved: 1 months



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